Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rules used mangosteen juice:

Rules used mangosteen juice:

You can drink as much as three times a day, 3-4 spoons after meal.

Which should be noted:

  •   As is known, the mangosteen rind does not have good taste, as well as juice. Therefore, you are welcome to improvise their own either by mixing other fruits, mix balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and other juice to make it taste better and not make eneg.
  •   You are advised not to consume juice mangosteen rind is in a state of an empty stomach (taken after meals).
  •   Are noteworthy also that the surface of the skin mangosteen juice will darken if exposed to air (hence recommended to be kept in a closed place).
  •   In early use, it is possible your stomach will feel nauseous and uneasy. However, ignore just as harmless. If it is done regularly, you will get used and stomach could take it with legowo.

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